Grazyna Kobusiewicz (for the best caring about Tara and me during work in progress of the project)

Tomek (for long hours of work and brain storming together)
Kåre Elers (for constructive dialog in creation of this project)
Martin Eder (for his generosity)
Igor Petkovic (for his technical support and artistic cooperation with a Gas piece)
Gunilla Plank and Albin Petkovic (for cutting a huge tree for a Solid piece)
Johannes Auer (for gratuitously help and cutting tress for a Solid piece)
Sigi (for less green and more red)
Mario (for place to develop this project)
Ila (for fast solutions)
Markus Wilfling (for the ventilator)
Ute Amerstorfer (for showing me Helioviewer)
NASA (for fantastic images of the sun)
Reni Hofmüller (for a place to present and develop this project)
Land Steiermark and Stadt Graz for financial support.

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